“YOU go to Crossfit?” I was asked recently. When people hear ‘Crossfit’, an image of hard bodied 23 year
olds speaking an entirely different language comes to mind, and I am far from that. I am a 43 year, heavy set,
Father of three, office type – well past the glory days of high schools sports – and well into a middle aged body.

This, however, was not the way I was made to feel when joining Crossfit Grit. Todd and his team of incredible trainers offer a different reality – and that is that anyone, any size, any age, any fitness level – can be better;  that it is never too late to be an athlete. I was amazed by the incredible amount of support and encouragement –  not only from Todd and his team, but from other “Gritters”. People that you didn’t know previously – that give you an encouraging fist bump as they say ‘nice job’ or ‘good work’ – not just to be polite, but in a way that suggests ‘we did this together’.  And we did, even though their workout and my workout were slightly different; that is because Todd and the team scale the workout to fit each person’s fitness level. I may workout with a 23 year old college athlete, as well as a 35 year old Mom, a 65 year old retiree, a 45 year old lawyer, a 31 year old professional…in any given class. Same workout, scaled.

Recently I had mentioned to Todd that I wouldn’t be working out because I had to go on a business trip. In his typical ‘can do’ manner, he asked “is there a gym in the hotel?” to which I replied that I supposed there was. “Then you can do the work – when you get there, let me know what is in the gym”. So for the first time ever, I packed ‘workout’ clothes amongst my suits. As it happens, my flight was massively delayed, so I texted Todd and said that I would not be getting there until late, thanks anyway, but maybe next time. His reply was that it didn’t matter what time I arrived, let him know what we had to work with. And I did. Photos of the gym followed. Suddenly, a complete workout based upon what the limited gym had available – appeared on my phone. And not just a workout – but the weight amounts, cardio, and exercises that were a perfect balance to push my specific personal fitness level. As I was finishing, my phone lit up asking how it went – because of course Todd knew exactly how long it would take. As I thanked him profusely, he simply replied “it’s what I do” – Who does that? Crossfit Grit.  The result that day; I was sharper, brisker, happier – and performed better. And by performed better, I don’t mean in the gym or in my workout – but in life. In my job, with my children, with my family – better.

Proof is in the numbers;  since starting at Crossfit Grit I have lost almost 40lbs, 4 inches on my waist, inches off my arms, inches off my chest, I am stronger and faster than when I was 25, and I am healthier than I have been in years.

So, do I do Crossfit – hell yes I do. And if I can, anyone can – and should – too.

Stephen Williams
Anchor Shipping Group



I began Cross fit approximately a year ago at the incessant appealing of my brother, Don.  In my teens to early 20’s I had been a very avid weightlifter, but the for the last decade or so had been on a “maintenance” program –  at best doing a run through work out in the gym or running few miles 3 days a week.  As you know in any pursuit,a person is either getting better or worse, there is no in-between. Noting that the results of my efforts had me going physically in the latter of the above direction, I decided to do something different and signed up for CrossFit with Todd and Anne Thompson at CrossFit Grit.  The first 30 days were exciting and at the same time mildly miserable; a combination of learning to eat, warmup, workout and combine the right balance of strength, stamina and flexibility to better myself on a constant learning curve with something new to learn everyday.  The encouragement came from seeing and feeling good results as well as being part of a group of supportive, like-minded people that push you in a great way.  Another item that was awesome was getting the benefit of a personal trainer (to a motivated group) who made sure you were pushed, but at the same time over communicated form and technique to ensure that I was not injured.  Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  With CrossFit taught by the right instructor that is never the case.  As a result of utilizing this resource , I am stronger than ever in many lifts as well moving towards being in the best shape I have ever been in and I am grateful.  Several of my children also are doing special regimens developed for their age and love going with or without me.  I strongly encourage anyone wanting in a time efficient, team oriented way to better themselves to come join.  It isn’t easy, but it is rewarding!
Brantley McMinn
President, The Light Companies – Light Vending/Lighthouse Coffee Company


I wanted to first say thank you to you and Todd so much for all you do for all of us at CrossFit Grit. You and all of the trainers do such an amazing job at supporting and encouraging each and every one of us! I want to thank you for helping to remove the tire from around my 45 yr old waist line. Haha. I have done sports and exercise my entire life but have never found something that has been this rewarding. I truly feel stronger and healthier every day .  It amazes me every day how something once so difficult can become totally doable.  Thank you all for reminding me that we are all still just as young and strong at heart as we are willing to be!! Going to your box is a highlight of my days!!

Kelley R.  02/25/13

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  • Breanna young Feb 27 2013 - 10:26 AM

    CrossFit has changed our family forever! We are stronger inside and out because of CrossFit! How many boxes out there can say they had a hero WOD for your daughter while she was in open heart surgery! Charlie and I will never forget our GRIT family laying blood, sweat and tears on the box floor to honor our daughter! These trainers and members cheer each other on before, during and after WODs! I have been pushed to run my first half marathon, pr my 160 lb deadlift, and get real pullups! Needless to say CrossFit GRIT goes “beyond the box!”

  • Buddy McNeese Feb 28 2013 - 10:22 AM

    THE BEGINNING: Almost two years ago, I was 265# and couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs without almost having a heart attack. I was born asthmatic, and used that as an excuse to not exercise as an adult. I finally had enough.

    THE HARDEST PART: Showing up. I was scared to even go. I’ve heard it a lot now, but I too thought, “I’m not fit enough for CrossFit…I’ll get fitter then show up.” This quite possibly is the dumbest thought ever. Anyhow, I finally made myself show up. I couldn’t even do the warm-up and the 100# ladies were throwing more weight around than me during the workout. I couldn’t even run 100 meters! But, as I lay in a pool of sweat at the end of the first workout, I knew I was hooked on CrossFit. What I didn’t know, was I was also becoming part of a larger family.

    THE GRIT FAMILY: As I became more and more addicted to CrossFit, I realized it wasn’t JUST CrossFit, it was the people. Sure, anyone with $$$ to burn can open a gym, and they do, but this Grit Family keeps me going back. There is nothing fancy about it, just an atmosphere of support that cannot be manufactured. We push each other. The first one to finish a WOD hangs around to motivate and help the last (usually me if there is running involved). There are people from all walks of life, all ages, and all sizes. We take care of each other inside the box and out. CrossFit made me show up, the people of CrossFit Grit are why I stayed.

    THE END (GET WORK DONE!): Show up. That is the first step. One and a half years later, I still “just show up” and do the work. I have lost 30 pounds and can now run 6 miles with 40# of weight on my back. Recently I was asked, “Will it get any easier?”, I answered, “If it does, try harder.” Though the mental part does get a bit easier, there is always a way to scale a workout down, or up. Either way, just show up. You won’t regret it.

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