“Persist…despite exhaustion.”

From The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews:

“I will persist without exception.  I will continue despite exhaustion.  I acknowledge that most people quit when exhaustion sets in.  I am not “most people.”  I am stronger than most people.  Average people accept exhaustion as a matter of course.  I do not.  Average people compare themselves with other people.  That is why they are average.  I compare myself to my potential.  I am not average.  I see exhaustion as a precursor to victory.”

We are CrossFit Grit

We are CrossFit Grit. We work really hard, and get real results.   We are strong, fearless, and determined.  Sometimes we fail, but then we come back and swing twice as hard.  We are ready when times get tough……we are tougher.  We are…CrossFit Grit.