9/11/2010 “Fighting 343 Memorial WOD”

In Memory of 343 FDNY who perished on 9/11/01 Let’s get together and honor them by working out. They worked their asses to save well over thousands of our fellow “countrymen”. So let’s get together and get a taste of what they went through.

Team WOD

As a team of 3 complete 100 Pushups, 100 situps, 100 squats, 43 burpees. Only one member can work at a time. Then carry 2 50# db 25 yards while flipping 400lb tire. No one on team can pass the tire. Weights cannot touch the ground during carry or 10 Burpee penalty for whole team. Once on other side start round 2. Team must start with eveyone on top of tire and finish with everyone on top of tire!

Team 1 Todd, Wilks, Jersey

Team 2 Josh, Wesley, Hayword/Steve

Hayword did a great job pounding out 2 rounds. Steve came just in time as back up to help out and get some work done!!

Team 1 came in first with 26:00 and Team 2 followed up with 27:30. This was a grinder WOD for sure. It was our honor to sweat through the pain for the memories of the BRAVE!

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