CrossFit Grit and CrossFit Brunswick Team WOD 7/10/2010

Wow, what a great day.  Excelent presentation on eating Paleo by Keith Hand.  Then off to Mallory Park for a brutal team WOD.  There was a ton of work put in during that short 19mins 19secs!!!  The first of hopefully many Saturday WODs together with CrossFit Brunswick.  Keith, you got some real talent there! 

W/U  Jumprope, High knees, power skips, side steps, frankenstien walk, PVC Progression

Skill  Parrallette Shoot Throughs

Team Wod   As a Team complete the following.

100 Burpees

100 Air Squats

500 Jumprope

Treat: While one team member from team A drags 45# sled 50 yards, one member of Team B can start work.  When team A member passes finish line and yells “GO” one Team A member can start work and team B must stop work and remember reps.  As team A is working one team B member drags sled.  When team B member returns to finish line and yells “GO”, team A must stop work and remember reps then drag sled as team B starts work again.  Only one team member can work at a time, and only team A can work while team B drags sled and vice versa.  The key is to drag the sled as fast as possible to give opposing team the least amount of time to work! 

Team A  Weaver, Keith, Russ               19:19

Team B  Todd, Leslie, Lydia, Kristen 19:19…… 256 jumprope!

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