Thursday “Sand in your shorts” WOD

W/U It’s Fun to Run….high knees, power skips, burpees, lunges, stretch, backwards, sprint!

Skill Sumo Deadlift High Pulls

WOD 7 Rounds for time of:

50 yard Farmers Carry 50/25
10 Box Jumps 24″/20″/12″
10 Overhead Walking Lunges 25/15

TREAT—On the Minute every Minute….5 Pushups

Weaver Rx+ 50/24″/50 13:22 65 pushups
Rhett Rx+ 50/24″/40 13:56 65 pushups
Andrew 40-25/24″/25 13:56 65 pushups
Jersey Rx+ 50/24″/40 17:59 85 pushups
Steve 45#/24″-20″/25 19:50 95 pushups
Brandon 45/24″-20″/25 22:30 110 pushups
Lynda 25/12″/15 24:00 48 pushups
Sara 25/12″/15 24:00 48 pushups

Cool Down……50 Yard Sled Drags…90#/45#
Clean up!

That WAS an EPIC morning. Everyone pushed to there limit. I thought a couple of people might add to the vegetation…There was very little rest and no quit in them this morning.

Weaver, Rhett, and Jersey stomped out some Rx+ work!!
Andrew, Steve, and Brandon just motored on, and on, and on!
Lynda and Sara put out 24 straight minutes of non stop effort, Great job ladies!

I am proud of how much Heart came out this morning. These are Warriors…everyone of them!

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