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1/20/2011 “Kettleskins”


5 rounds of

13 Kettlebell Swings 70/53
5 Skin the Cats

Skin the Cat: Place rings right above shoulder height. Hand down from rings and throw legs up and over. Touch ground on the back side then throw legs back to the front for 1 rep.
Andy has a great video of it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-TpLJYJU5o

Todd Rx 5:55
Steve 53 5:35
Vicky 35 6:08 (Skins then toes to bar)

That fun a Fun WOD that really messed with your Head!!

1/19/2011 “Deadpush”


10 Rounds of

15 Deadlifts 135/95
15 Pushups (handlift)
20 min time cap

Steve Rx 16:59
David Rx 17:19
Jeff Rx 6rds
Josh Rx(ir) 16:15
Mark 95 18:25
Kip 95 15:09
Holly 80 16:58
Vicki 80 22:25….she wanted to finish! NICE!
Jason 50 19:45


7, Run, 10, Run, 15, Run, 20
Deadlifts 155/95
Pushpress 40db
200m Run

Todd Rx 5:55
Mike K Rx 5:35
Ginn 135/30 12:18
Anne 70/15 7:47 (My Wife Kicks ASS)
Lee 50/15 8:58
Xenia 50/15 9:00
Roxie 50/15 10:40

1/18/2011 “TEAM WOD”


As a Team complete the following: One member works at a time, the other members hold active rest position. If a member loses the active rest position you must stop and then continue as soon as the active rest position is restarted.

200 Airsquats………..Active rest: Bottom squat hold
200 Abmats………….Rest
100 Box Jumps………Active Rest: Overhead Plate hold 45/25
100 Knees To Elbows.Rest
100 Dips………………Active Rest: Plank Position
60 Thrusters..45/30…Active Rest: Handstand Hold

200m Run every 10 minutes!!!

Team Tall: Steve, Wesley, Mike K
Team CoEd: Jeff, Win, Kip
Team NoBoys: Xenia, Roxie, Holly
Team Winda: Wilks, Linda
Team Scrappy: Jason, Emily

That was alot of FUN!!

1-17-2011 “GRACE”


30 Clean and Jerks for time

Mike K Rx 2:47 Pr from 4:18

Linda 50 5:18 Pr from 5:33

Jason 45 4:15

Roxie 40 6:58

Xenia 30 5:55

Great morning….Mike you smoked out another impressive PR.

Linda had perfect form

Jason…..you are feeling the work brother, keep it coming

Roxie…..never thought you would be taking your pants of in front of strangers, huh?

Xenia Warrior Princess….Excellent acceleration from the ground and finish at the top!!

Making me proud guys and girls!

Evening Classes Anyone

So here it is…..We are down to less morning classes during the week so who would be up for a 6pm class a couple times a week? Probably Monday, Tuesday, Wed, and/or Thursday. It would be a combo of probably 2 of those days each week. Let me know honestly. If there is a demand for it, I will provide it!

1/14/2011 “That was a Party last Night!!!” “Hungover WOD”

“Hung Over WOD”

6 rounds of

10 Db Push Press 30/15

8 Over Head Walking Lunges 30/15

6 Pullups

Steve Rx 5:04

Mike E Rx 8:17

Vicky 15/J 7:34

Brooke 15/J 8:38

Jason 15 10:00

Laura 6 10:00

Awesome Job by everyone!

Steve…..speedy…glad to have you back…..now bring the Wii dude in already.

Laura—great first Class!

MikeE—Thanks for holding it in!

Brooke–just cause your my mom…you get no breaks!!

Vicky—HAHAHA 10 Burpees for being late!! SWEET!

Jason–you are on your way dude!

1-12-11 “AIR FORCE WOD”


20 Sumo Deadlift Highpulls 95#/65#

20 Push Press

20 Overhead Squats

20 Thrusters

20 Front Squats

Treat…..start with 4 Burpees and then on the minute, every minute 4 Burpees.

Mike K. Rx 11:50

Alex K. Rx 11:51

Wesley 75# 7:45

David 75# 9:45

Steve 75# 13:51

Jersey 75# up to OHS

Julie Rx 10:59

Mike E. 45# 8:06

Kip 30# 7:55

Alyssa 30# 9:45

What a great day at CrossFit Grit!! Thanks all who braved the cold to come and workout!

Thanks Alex for dropping in with us.

Thanks Julie for coming and experiencing “The Grit”..I hope we see you more often.

1/11/2011 “Knerly”


Kb Swings 50/35
Knees To Elbows
Flutter Kick (2ct)

Charlie Rx 8:33
Steve Rx 9:04
Wesley Rx 9:07
Vicky Rx 10:37
Mike Rx 12:00……..Did 4ct Flutter, cause he is Bad Ass!(or didn’t read directions)
Brian G

1/7/2011 “Kennedy”


12 minute AMRAP

3 Deadlifts 225/135
6 Ring Dips
9 Wall Ball/Db Thrusters

Mike K 10 rounds Rx
Blake 7 + 3 DL 225/Rack/WallBall
Charlie 8 225/Rack/WallBall
David 10 +4 dip 225/Rack/15lb DB Thrusters
Kip 10 +6 dip 135/Rings/15lb Db
Jeff 7 135/Parr/15lb Db
Vicky 10 95/Rack/10lb Db
Alyssa 8 95/Rack/10lb Db
Anne 10 65/Parr/10lb DB

1/6/2011 “FRAN”

Thrusters 95/65

Had some great Pr’s on time and doing up on weights.