Friday WOD 8/13/2010

W/U Stretch, PVC, Walks!
Skill 2 minute Tabata Squats

WOD Stations…..1 minute on, 1 minute off..2 rounds of each
Abmat Situps
Knees to Elbows
Kb Swings 50/35/25

Tom King—50#—-542 reps visiting from CrossFit Bloomington Normal
Joshua—–50#—-530 reps
Shawn—–50#—-496 reps
Andrew—-50#—-435 reps
Brandon—-50#—-423 reps
Jersey—–50#—–398 reps
Vicky——25#—–362 reps
Travis—–35#—–350 reps
Tara——10#—–195 reps
Sara——-25#—-176 reps

What a morning. The sun was coming up, the Kingfish tournament boats were speeding offshore. We had Tom King visiting from CrossFit Bloomington Normal, what a great guy and hell of a crossfitter.
Ran the “Stations” this morning and it was sweet! Huge numbers for everyone. Travis brought his sister to the workout and dispite it being her first workout and in FLIP FLOPS, she put up very good numbers! Thanks all who helped with the new box. It is gonna be awesome!

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