Monday Morning WOD 7/26/2010

W/U 20 Double Unders
Good Mornings
Stretch, PVC
Stair Climbs
Air Squats
Skill DB Thrusters 3x3x3x3
Work up to 3RM…DB

WOD 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,

Up and Overs 45#/25#
Front Kicks (each Leg)
1 Arm Snatch 40/20

Up and Overs…hold plate with 2 hands at your chest, extend to overhead then lower to behind the head with elbows high and tight to ears. Then press overhead and then back to chest for 1 rep.

For Snatches start with right arm at 10 reps, then do left arm for 9, back to right arm for 8, then so on.

U n O/snatch
Brant 50/40 6:56
Steve 45/30 10:28
Rhett 45/30 9:36
Andrew 40/30 9:28
Travis 25/20 12:36
Vicky 25/20 12:59
Sara 25-10/15 11:19
Carole 10/10 13:50

Spectacular morning with the full moon setting and the sun rising. I don’t recall a single person “resting” during the WOD!!!
Brant just murdered it with +Rx, Andrew rocked the 50# DBs on the thrusters. Rhett kept the high intensity. Travis, oh Travis was double repping the snatches…..will just make him that much stronger! Vicky motored through the 25# U n O’s with No Quit! Sarah got faster as the reps went on and held onto the 25# for as long as possible. Great first class Steve, I hope we gave you enough! You really pushed it hard. Carole you had a great first class. Muscle is on its way.

I want to say the gretest thing I saw this morning was after people finished their WOD, instead of sitting down and resting theywalked over and cheered and encouraged the ones who were still working……TRUE CrossFitters!

Saturday WOD 7/24/2010

W/U Tabata Jumprope
Shoot Throughs
Air Squats
Speed Drills

WOD “A Chipper”

50 Air Squats
Run 250 yards
50 KB Swings
Run 250 yards
50 DB Push Press
Run 250 yards
50 Hand Lift Pushups
Run 250 yards
TREAT—first one to run carries Med Ball to corner of block and drops. Next one to come to Med ball picks up and carries to next corner. Everytime you come to the ball and it is on the ground…pick it up!

Saying “CAN’T” Burpee Penalty……Jarad 5…..Jersey 5.

Jarad 40# kb, 25#/15# db 18:53
Andrew 25#kb, 20#/15# db 20:15
Patrick 20#/12#kb, 12# db 22:00 30 reps subbed

Nice work this morning….tons of sweat, and heart!

Wednesday Morning WOD!!

W/U Jumprope, Jog Complex, jump drills, stretch

Skill/Strentgh     Deadlift

WOD 4Rounds for time

10 DB Pushpress

10 KB Swings

250 yard run

Brent 25#/25# 8:53

Weaver 40#/45# 8:50

Conner  25# 25#  9:19

Brant 50#/50# 9:56

Jarad 40#/40# 9:19

Andrew 20#/25# 11:46

Vicky 10#/10# 8:45

Lynda 8#/10# 10:00

What a great morning.  Lynda’s second workout, doing awesome.  Vicky and Andrew’s first workout, you guys got the excitment for sure.  Thanks everyone for coming out early and giving it your all!!

Weaver….more weight

Brent……..more weight

Jarad…….good weight

Brant…….big weight

Conner…..killed it

Great Morning for First WOD’s

W/U  Jumprope, PVC, Stretch, Sled Drag, Parrallette Shoot Throughs

Skill   Air Squats and Overhead Squats

WOD  AMRAP  8 min

10 Air Squats

10 1 Arm DB Snatches 40/25

10 Pushups (hand lift)

Cool Down….Stretch

Weaver 40#            4 rds +30 reps

Jarad    40#/25#   3 rds + 30 reps

Brent     25#             4 rds

Rhett     25#             4 rds

Michael 25#            5 rds……First WOD….Holy cow we got a monster here!!!!

Lynda    10#             3 rds……First WOD….There was no quit here folks!!!!!  Awesome

Thank Michael and Lynda for coming out for your first class.  You guys got huge heart and will do Great!!

Monday Mornings are Awesome

WOD   5 Rounds for Time

5/3 Deadlifts  230/80

5 Parrallette Jumps

100 yard Sprint

Anne  80lb  8:18

Todd 230lb 5:50

Great short intense WOD.  Awesome job Anne, you are so much stronger than you think!!!

CrossFit Games 2010

That was an unbelievable weekend of the most insane WOD’s.  I can’t even fathom being able to do 9 WOD’s over the course of 3 days.  CrossFit proved again that this program creates the strongest individuals both physically and mentally.  Unreal.  I am so glad to be a part of this community!

Beach WOD

We are meeting at the Myrtle Street Beach Saturday morning at 8:30am for a great morning workout.  Everyone is welcome.  This workout is for ALL skill levels.  Comeout, bring your friends and family and get exposed to CrossFit.

CrossFit Jax and CrossFit Ponte Vedra

So I went down to Ponte Vedra with the family for a vacation.  Got to hit out of town is a CrossFit Rule!!!!  So I went up to CrossFit Jax and joined Megan for a great WOD of 2 pood KBs, abmats, and airsquats.  What a great lady with serious passion for getting people in the best shape.  The next day I drove down to CrossFit Ponte Vedra and joined Andy for some BRUTAL Predator action.  That sled is just a leg destroyer.  Andy has a great thing going!  It is always great to visit other CrossFit Affiliates to see how they run and tricks and tips for workouts and such.

CrossFit Grit and CrossFit Brunswick Team WOD 7/10/2010

Wow, what a great day.  Excelent presentation on eating Paleo by Keith Hand.  Then off to Mallory Park for a brutal team WOD.  There was a ton of work put in during that short 19mins 19secs!!!  The first of hopefully many Saturday WODs together with CrossFit Brunswick.  Keith, you got some real talent there! 

W/U  Jumprope, High knees, power skips, side steps, frankenstien walk, PVC Progression

Skill  Parrallette Shoot Throughs

Team Wod   As a Team complete the following.

100 Burpees

100 Air Squats

500 Jumprope

Treat: While one team member from team A drags 45# sled 50 yards, one member of Team B can start work.  When team A member passes finish line and yells “GO” one Team A member can start work and team B must stop work and remember reps.  As team A is working one team B member drags sled.  When team B member returns to finish line and yells “GO”, team A must stop work and remember reps then drag sled as team B starts work again.  Only one team member can work at a time, and only team A can work while team B drags sled and vice versa.  The key is to drag the sled as fast as possible to give opposing team the least amount of time to work! 

Team A  Weaver, Keith, Russ               19:19

Team B  Todd, Leslie, Lydia, Kristen 19:19…… 256 jumprope!

“Persist…despite exhaustion.”

From The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews:

“I will persist without exception.  I will continue despite exhaustion.  I acknowledge that most people quit when exhaustion sets in.  I am not “most people.”  I am stronger than most people.  Average people accept exhaustion as a matter of course.  I do not.  Average people compare themselves with other people.  That is why they are average.  I compare myself to my potential.  I am not average.  I see exhaustion as a precursor to victory.”