Monday Morning WOD 7/26/2010

W/U 20 Double Unders
Good Mornings
Stretch, PVC
Stair Climbs
Air Squats
Skill DB Thrusters 3x3x3x3
Work up to 3RM…DB

WOD 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,

Up and Overs 45#/25#
Front Kicks (each Leg)
1 Arm Snatch 40/20

Up and Overs…hold plate with 2 hands at your chest, extend to overhead then lower to behind the head with elbows high and tight to ears. Then press overhead and then back to chest for 1 rep.

For Snatches start with right arm at 10 reps, then do left arm for 9, back to right arm for 8, then so on.

U n O/snatch
Brant 50/40 6:56
Steve 45/30 10:28
Rhett 45/30 9:36
Andrew 40/30 9:28
Travis 25/20 12:36
Vicky 25/20 12:59
Sara 25-10/15 11:19
Carole 10/10 13:50

Spectacular morning with the full moon setting and the sun rising. I don’t recall a single person “resting” during the WOD!!!
Brant just murdered it with +Rx, Andrew rocked the 50# DBs on the thrusters. Rhett kept the high intensity. Travis, oh Travis was double repping the snatches…..will just make him that much stronger! Vicky motored through the 25# U n O’s with No Quit! Sarah got faster as the reps went on and held onto the 25# for as long as possible. Great first class Steve, I hope we gave you enough! You really pushed it hard. Carole you had a great first class. Muscle is on its way.

I want to say the gretest thing I saw this morning was after people finished their WOD, instead of sitting down and resting theywalked over and cheered and encouraged the ones who were still working……TRUE CrossFitters!

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